Treyten Carey
Full-Stack Developer
Software Engineer
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    United States
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Oracle SQL

SQLite, PostgreSQL, Objective-C/C++, TypeScript, PHP
  • Bootstrap, Materialize, jQuery
  • GIT, Jira, AccuRev
  • Cross-platform, Threading



Work History

Northrop Grumman
Software Engineer
nov 2022 - present

Department of Defense position holding a Top Secret clearance. Duties I may provide include teamwork and leadership skills.

Software Engineer
jan 2017 - nov 2022

Developed front-end and back-end code for web app software using C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, PrimeFaces, and CDI which were released to customers. Created testing scripts in Python with JSON, XML, Oracle, and Tkinter. Created web and mobile apps using Angular and NodeJS. Used C++ to handle back-end payment processing features using Visual Studio 2019 for debugging. Task management and version history using Jira and AccuRev. Used logical models, unit of work documents, and scope documents to develop new pages and features, and includes updating Oracle and MsSql databases.

Hello World
Founder, Software Engineer
feb 2017 - present

Designed and released several live products including PS4MouseToController and an alpha version of World of Hello.
PS4MouseToController is written primarily in C# with .NET and the website in Java using Tomcat, JSP, and jQuery. It uses the Braintree by PayPal API to handle transactions such as subscriptions.
World of Hello is a real-time development engine which was previously released in alpha on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, but is now ported to Linux, Web, and Oculus (Virtual Reality) as well. It's written primarily in C/C++ using OpenGL for graphics, Lua for scripting, sockets and websocket++ for networking, some Java for Android portability, some Objective-C/C++ for iOS portability, SQLite for the database, and hosted on an Amazon AWS server (moving to an A2Hosting VPS). It is built using Visual Studio 2019 (was previously using Code::Blocks for MinGW compilation), Android Studio with Ant and Gradle for Android, XCode for iOS, and Emscripten for web. API generation was generated using Doxygen.
Filed a patent for the networking system used in World of Hello, which is a TCP/IP modification to allow routing traffic similarly to UDP/IP without using separate protocols.

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Full Stack Developer
mar 2019 - dec 2019

Use C# with XNA in Visual Studio to draw 3D models and sockets to connect to a server. Server interacts with 3D cameras to determine world-space and identify marked objects in real-time, which communicate to the client iOS and Mac applications built with XCode who draw the models accordingly to position and rotation, allowing doctors to use their mobile phones to perform surgery through their device. Use Java, HTML, JavaScript, and JSP to create grant-tracking software and identify UNMC sponsors, hosted on a CentOS operating system through A2Hosting.

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